Moving Tips

Moving can be a stressful exercise for anyone – here are some tips to help things go smoothly before, during and after your move:

1. Get started – the more you have prepared, boxed up and labeled before the movers arrive, the more efficiently the move will go
2. Pack heavy items (books, media) in smaller boxes and light items in larger boxes to protect from breaking and ease stacking
3. Leave any hanging items (clothing, coats, etc.) on hangers for the movers to pack into wardrobe boxes. Pack other items in the closet (folded sweaters, shoes) into boxes
4. Soft items such as clothes and linens can be left in chests, dressers – but this is not recommended for antique or larger pieces
5. Leave a few pre-labeled boxes ready to go for last minute items like linens, kitchen items, toiletries, etc.
6. The end of each month is the busiest time for moving – you’ll have more flexibility if you’re able to book your move at a different time of the month
7. Have boxes you haven’t opened since your last move? Use this as an opportunity to declutter – schedule a pick-up from a local charity to donate the items
8. Clearly label each box with its destination on both the top and one side. You can also label the door to the room with whatever system you use on the box (i.e., Bedroom #1, Pink room, etc.)
9. When the movers are wrapping up both at the load site and the unload site, do one last sweep of the home to make sure nothing’s been left behind or undone
10. Make sure you (or someone who knows what you want done) is available all day to instruct the movers of what/where you want things
11. Be honest and upfront when setting up the move – the more information the moving company has, the more efficiently everything will run. Don’t be afraid to call back with updates or changes.
12. Ask your movers in advance if there are items they may or may not be able to disconnect, (un)assemble, etc. such as appliances, electronics, exercise equipment, etc.

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