Moving in a Chicago Winter? You Gotta Be Crazy!

We can’t always plan when our life is going to turn upside down. Having to move in a Chicagoland winter is one of those things. We’re all too familiar with the heavy snowstorms, icy roads, and bone-aching cold. Add those things on to top of the hassle of moving—packing up your life and getting it somewhere else in one piece—and it’s no wonder people seem to go crazy!

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. A professional moving company, especially one that’s local and knows our climate like A Available, can help the stress melt away, even when the winter snows don’t. If you’re worried about the cost associated with hiring movers, there are a few things you should consider, especially when it comes to moving during the winter.

First, how much is your sanity and peace of mind worth? How valuable is your time? Packing, of course, takes time. But when you’re driving your personal belongings and furniture between Berwin and Oak Park or Naperville and La Grange, you also have to account for driving time and slower speeds because of icy roads or hazardous conditions.

Second, how much would you really be saving? Imagine carrying a heavy piece of furniture across slippery sidewalks and ice-encrusted parking areas. What would happen if you dropped it? How much would repairs or even replacements of your furniture, electronics, and other belongings cost? Some items carry sentimental value and, if damaged, are irreplaceable.

Third, how much is your health worth? Working up a sweat then cooling off in chill temperatures is a breeding ground for winter colds. If you slip and fall carrying heavy items, how much will your medical bills add up to? Do yourself a favor by staying safe and trusting the professionals to help you move this winter. You can always count on A Available to be there for you, personally, throughout your move in the Chicagoland area.

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